My beloved Benaffey is now under my sister, Biba's care (right). She's currently doing her job training as an IJM scholarship holder. The allowance is not really helping, so she was hoping to use my bike as a method to cut the spend on the bus ticket and the Komuter fare..ehehe. She's staying with my other sister (left) at Seksyen 17 Shah Alam. Just hope she would be fully ready to ride Benaffey to her office. Just hope she would be safe.

Hi ,

I came across your blog at It is very interesting. If you are interested, I would like to extend an invitation to join Allvoices. It is a citizen journalist site. We discuss, debate and write about everything under the sun here.The site has a lot of people who are passionate about writing and use this as a tool to make a difference.

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I checked my email just now and I found this email in the spam box. The date of the email is 22nd May 09. Hmm..still a new email. When I read the email, I think I heard about allvoices from a girl's blog - Penguin..something. I'm in the middle of registering and editting my profile. Just gonna try it..why not??? It's a privilege for a guy with his own broadband connection right??ahahahaha!!!

OK...Where's my entry?? I've just finished writing my own story for this Allvoices about Mat Rempit. I couldn't see my entry anywhere. It's not like the blog where you could see you entry displayed right away after you click the 'publish' button. What did I do wrong?? Errr, I've tried searching for it using the Rempit keyword. My entry is not is supposed to be approved first?? Akakaka..nevermind lor. I thought I can put the link here. Caishhh

Will check tomorrow if it's under approval evaluation..