The world is turning ugly!!

The email inbox seems to be a lot more 'quiet' today. My friend managed to find the 'cure' of the program 'sickness' yesterday. So I'm in the middle of testing it now to make sure it's fully healed and ready to be deployed.

I managed to finish my client's photoalbum design this morning and at the same time managed to stay awake after my subuh prayer..well done Anul!!! Gonna send it for printing during this lunch and collect it tomorrow. Hopefully it would exceedly satisfied my client's expectation...=]

Still didn't manage to prepare some pictures that I should upload and tell a story of them.

I read the newspaper last night and some of the coverages are about someone killing somebody else, riot by the football fans, seniors bullied juniors by hitting them and lots more about violence. Damn my blood boiled way hotter than 100 degrees when I read, watched or heard this kind of stories man. Come on!!! Professionals on the field hitting each others, Seniors bullying acts are now more towards body contact and killing can be heard everyday. I wish I could pay back to all of these evildoers..send them to the authority. But if they being released because of the lack of evidence eventhough everyone knows they did it..I'll make them suffer. Am I being paranoid or just being normal as someone who hates these crimes??!!

Why do you need to bludgeon an old man walking home from his prayer out of blue and even after he begged for mercy? That old man even was outnumbered by you guys?? What kind of pathetic bastard losers would do something like that??

Professional atheletes hitting each other after the play was ended. Snatchers now would hit or stab their victims first before snatching their belongings. World has becoming more and more dangerous. People are becoming more and more merciless..

Oh Allah, please protect me from this undesired situation from these animals who supposed to be my brothers..please protect my families, my friends and my teachers. Oh Allah..please..please..