Welcome Alya Marlyna

Just got out from the meeting about some stuff which almost at the end of the session I found out that what they were presenting are not related to me at all. ekeke.. Anyway I still got some input about the flows of the new management here. It's not my fault!! THe one included me in the mail list is the one who should be blamed..

I was so awed with one of my colleague who smoothly presented the business process in the room just now. Her english is so well-structured, fluently spoken and damn attracting to be listened. I wonder when I could have the same speaking level as hers. Arghh..need to do more speakiiinnggg!!! (before U guys start commenting my entry..speaking and writing is totally wayyy different thing)


It's almost 3 days without heavy raining. Is the raining season has ended? Really? I'm not sure how it is at your areas dudes, but around here..the evening is quite sunny now. I bet I could use my all-white shoes to play now without worrying about the dirts..(well, this caring sensation is always lasted for the first 3 months though)

One of the big sign that the end of the world is approaching is that we would be facing 7 years of dry season, rainless and another 7 years of raining season. DO you guys know that? Or am I sharing a wrong info? Correct me if I'm wrong OK. I just wondering and afraid at the same time that I didn't aware that these years has already started or maybe ended. I was imaigining the 7 years of raining and another 7 years of dry land in my own way. What if the one we are facing now is a portion of those 14 years?? Oh Allah I'm terrified!!

Takkan nk tunggu langit menghempap baru kita sedarrr??

We always forgot. Well, humans always forgot about the end of the day. We keep working, saving for marriage (that's me) and lots more without even a single minute terrified that our plan might just be a dust in the sky a minute later.. But we always should work like we would live a thousand years and pray like we were about to die the next day right??

Alhamdulillah and I warmly welcome my mualaf friend, blog friend to be precise - Alya Marlyna. Known as Eliyashaka for some of you. If I'm not mistaken, she embraces Islam on 30th March. Welcome Alya.

Don't take us as an example...find the true meaning of Islam when the surroundings seems to be so fake. We are not the best example, seek better advice from the right place. Wear your veil always, it's not a fashion..it's an obligation and dress properly starting now. Pelihara aurat..I know many Muslimah around you wear 'that kind' of dresses, but be a muslimah as for your own sake. THe moment you do sinful acts, Shaka will also be the one to be questioned by Him. We are not a great muslim as well, so you might be our role model..Be a true muslimah as great as U could be..I hope I could see you with your veil and proper outfit if you are coming to KL.

May Allah bestows His mercy upon you...amiiinnn