MOnday morning..hmm..

Checked my mails, took my glass of nescafe, brought out the bread and the peanut butter bought yesterday, had a slice and checked the latest comments from you guys from the latest entry. There's a few names that I've never seen in my comment box before. Thanks for those who warmly leave some comments till now.

Hmm..since the day I put up the follow-me widget after reminded by RUI who currently out of the blog world doing his I mean his intensive course, I now have 30 followers..woww..the newest one is Kasih..thanks everyone. I usually follow your guys blog other anynomously or publicly by adding it manually from my dashboard.

So, before I forgot again..I want to bestow my kind followers this humble award which so far has only been given to Mak Su as my only follower at that time, for all your supportive visits.

Thank you everyone!!! Thank you!!

SOme are waiting for an update of certain ocassion??hehehe..wait entry..hehe!! This one needs to be published first before I forgot again.