Broga Hill Hiking. Lots of nice picturesss

Eventhough the 'ON' was a bit late, last Sunday we continued our Broga Hill hiking. But it was a bit clumsy. The initial planning was to take photos of the sunrise on the top. But to do that, we need to be on the top around 7 at least. Means, woke up at 5, subuh prayer at any mosque around there and an early morning hiking which could resort on cramped legs especially for those who are not used to it. But the real challenge was the early wake of course.

So just let alone the morning sun to rise without our lenses pointing on it, we woke up around 6a.m..getting prepared and kicked off from Asri's apartment. Bought some supply from the petronas and followed the GPS towards the destination.

We stopped in the middle of our journey to wait for Asri's friend - Wan. Donut texted to just wait us at Broga. He had an emergency and gonna be a bit late. So, misunderstood by the word 'wait at Broga', I thought we gonna wait them on the top. Ahaha..Adesh pissed off a bit when we gone ahead without waiting her. Gomenei..U know the reason right...

I lied to my housemate that the hill is just so could run upwards and the last thing U know, U've already at the top..ahaha!! It's challenging especially like I said, to us who are not used to it. I kept on supporting my housemate till the top. While we were hiking up, many of them were hiking down.

Well, the view is still nice...eventhough it's not as nice as Mount Tahan..but for a view from 360 meters, it's still breathtaking for me. Ok..just enjoy the pics. Enough words...

The hiking was succesfully completed without anyone getting hurt and participated by Adesh, Donut, Ejoy, Asri, Wan, Pagoh, Rasul and I. Next time we gonna try to aim the last top. Anyone interested??