Tears that brings happiness

Looking down to the wet soil. Wulan Putri's mind drfited far away to the sweet memories of hers. All the memories about the good time she had spent with Namhar. Everything seems to be so clear. His hands on her, his smell, his sweat. She could still feel it. It's already more than a month Wulan Putri has been jailed. She looked around her. She could only see people with the same fate as hers. Innocent, yet being punished.

Namhar has neglected her. "What did I do wrong?". "I've always give him the best. I care about him. I love him so much". The thoughts keep on knocking on his brain. It's been 2 years with colourful memories. But one day Namhar decided to leave her. Namhar owes the BIG TIGER a big debt. Everyone knows Big Tiger. The organization that would greet you with a smile and willingly lend anyone who is desperate enough a pile of money. They say they really care about everyone's welfare. But everyone also knows that the money comes with a great catch. Once you failed to pay them, they will hunt you down. They send people to 'pay' you back. They have a good relationship with the local police. THey even jailed the debters using the police.

Namhar 'sold' Wulan Putri to them when he couldn't bare the consequences anymore. That's how the Big Tiger runs their business. Either you pay them, or they would take something. Something precious from you. Wulan Putri is a victim of a guy's ego. A guy like Namhar who never appreciate the fond towards him that has been poured with the utmost sincere content of WUlan Putri's heart.

Namhar is striked with a great challenge. His new cafe is the only thing he focused on at the time being. Not even the slightest in his mind thinking of Wulan Putri's fate. He's so busy with his new cafe and his to-be new self-employed life. He has already gave up on her.

He sat on his sofa watching Astro one evening when a thought shocked his brain and brought him to his sense. Sweating, he swithced off the television. His elbows on his knees. His chin on his knuckles. He stared so far away. Everything in front of him seems so transparent and his sight just kept on penetrated all the way till at the end of it, he saw wulan putri smiling at him.

How gorgeous she was with her green baju kurung. Her red n black shoes that he bought for her. She looked astonishingly glimmering under the sunlight. Suddenly eveything of her changed. Her face looked so ill. Her clothes full of dust,stains and blood. Namar awoke from his deep dream like he was being electrocuted. 'Wulan Putri'. Her name came out of his mouth.

Namhar called his friend, goku. He offered his friend his 2-wheelers for sold. He asked his friend to pay him the same amount of the downpaymet he made when he bought it and the rest of the installment just need to be continued by Goku for another one and a half year. Goku turned the offer down. His friend has something else big ahead planned with his money. Namhar decided to advertise it in the net for sold.

But he couldn't wait. Wulan Putri is going to the court by the end of this month and he would lost her forever. He needs to make the hard call. He needs to do something and he needs to do it fast....He pressed his keypad dialling someone's number.....

-to be continued-