Tears that brings happiness -last chapter-

-------continued-------------Goku startled from his deep daydream. The vibration of his cellphone telling him that someone was looking to speak with him. He looked at the screen. Namhar. He answered the call and from the other end of the line, Namhar was proposing something interesting. It's something that Goku was looking forward to hear. After the call, Goku sat on his chair in his office and started thinking carefully and the math started to reveal the figures in his thick skull.

Namhar lowered the price that needs to be paid for his bike if Goku still interested and wanted to continue the installment. The lumpsum money has been cut off 1K. It's a very reasonable price. Goku texted his fiancee and shared with her about it before he made any decision.

His fiancee seems to be Ok with the idea. She was worrying of him riding Benaffey everyday to work when she's perfectly knows of her condition. She's too old to swiftly run on the road and at the same time making sure Goku would arrive in one piece.

After Goku got the green light from his fiancee, he texted Namhar with a YES. But Namhar still wanted the same figure that he first offered. But the additional 1K is meant as a loan and will be pay back to Goku.

With this, Namhar had enough money to bail out Wulan Putri from the jail. He asked Goku to ride with him to the jail the day after tomorrow. So after Goku withdrawn his saving, the payment to the BIG TIGER has been done, they went to the jail that afternoon. The BIg Tiger's jail sure is big enough. From the outside, Namhar and Goku could already saw a lot of people with the same fate as Wulan Putri.

After every necessary process has been taken place, Namhar was brought to Wulan Putri's cell by the warden. Wulan Putri was shocked. Filled with tears, she didn't know how to react. Angry? Releived? Namhar approached Wulan Putri and rubbed her head, stroking her black hairs.

"How could you. You left me here more than a month. Where were you? Do you even care about me?". That was the first thing Wulan Putri's said to Namhar.
"Chill Wulan Putri..chill. I'm here now right?I'm bailing you out today. We gonna be together like we used to...Relax"

Wulan Putri out from the jail. She looked languish and the lack of love could be seen by just looking at her.

Wulan Putri embraced Namhar..they walked out of the jail holding hands. But Wulan Putri was a bit unhealthy. Her face was pale and she could barely walked. But they both being together again would hopefully heal the wounds in their relationship. Outside, Goku was waiting and just smiled looking at them.

"Let's take a picture for the memory"

Namhar and WUlan Putri..They are back together.

And they live happily ever after.