Tag from Masy - about ur blog

I tried to change my url just now because I just dont want my name to be found easily in the net. But after further thinking, I changed it to the original one. I really care about my silent readers. Sorry for the disturbance.
I caught a flu. (is this the correct way to address it? I forgot..I think my teacher did teach about how to phrase your word correctly when it comes to flu). There's a disturbing smell outside our premise. I think it comes from the chemical fluid they are using to clean something outside there. The smell just penetrated my nose and then went all the way to my nerve system once the lift doors opened that Monday morning. I felt sick, nausea and nak demam now. I have a sensitive nose. See the nose la ok..mancung kannn..ahahaha!!

Ok..Masy tagged me and all other people who visit her blog. So, gonna do the tag now. You guys just read it if you want like you precious readers always do yah..=]

1) Nyatakan usia blog anda
I started to blog in 4th January 2007. So, I guess the age is around 2 years and 4 months.

2)Terangkan kenapa anda berblogging
I want to improve my english. That's why I often write entries in english. I do hope my writing improves in every entry. I welcome anyone to correct my grammar if they spot it in any of my entries.

I also want to share things happen in my life to everyone. By doing this, I gather new friends, I know people with the same interests, same childhood stories, same miseries of life. It's a colourful feeling.

3) Nyatakan blog pertama yang anda baca
It's my sis' blog. She's studying medic. SHe used to have a lot of time to blog. But now she stopped blogging for a while for due to ultra busy schedule. I like her writing and it's one of the reason why I blog

4) Letakkan entry pertama blog anda
Ok..here it is;

huaaa..i always heard about this blogger thingy. i am used to writing my blog in friendster and my friends do read it and i really appreciate it so much. but i just hope to have more friends from this blog coz i'm thirst to learn more about writing..my grammar skill n how to write intriguing stuff..hehehe...

2007..new year!!but i was at my 'kampung' that night..so i didnt watch any firework from my kampung..none to be see..so pity..hahaha!! it was really nice to spend the raya at kampung, met my grandpa and grandma..my grandma is having a difficulty with her hand. sometimes she cant use her hand to lift something even a glass of water. when u get old, the nerve and the ligamen start to betray u..wouldn't they?

but she is still strong, running her usual erraands, cycling to the market and everything. she cant stand sitting still watching tv at home and that's so not her...=].i love her so much. i am her first grandchild...and i will always remember the days i spent with her when my mom let her babysitted (correct ah?) me while she n my dad were away to run some errands.

running across the field with the goats...fed them with my uncle and waved my hand to her and shouted. "grandma..grandma..i'm over here"..i still remember back then when the grass were longer and higher than me..ihihihiii..love her..

5) Huraikan entry tersebut
Nak hurai apa lg dh pnjg dah tu...spank punggung kang

6) Letakkan satu pic yang anda paling suka dalam blog nih!
Owwww..this one is surely hard. I love lots of my pictures. I think I'm just gonna put the very first picture that I've uploaded for my entry;

7) Harapan anda?
Precisely my hope of what?? I'm gonna assume it's from my blog's perspective. Ok, I hope I will have new friends more and more. And I could read something that really makes you guys want to read more and more. That's y I put the 'read more' function. Arachiii??=]

8) Pas tag nih kepada sesapa yang baby nak.
Emm...Ok..I think most of you have already been tagged. So, I'm just gonna try my luck..wanie specteles..I tag you!!