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I'm going to participate and submit this postcard for World Open University post a postcard contest. The theme is 'your world your classroom'. Hope this will validate my entry. Who knows I could win a mac notebook!!!

It was taken just at my backyard. I remember I used to read books on a rambutan tree on the surau's frontyard situated opposite of my house. I spent a lot of time there. Usually I would bring the Sunnah, tafsir Quran, hadis textbooks. Simply say, those who I need to memorize. I used to study in an islamic secondary school for a year before I moved to another school after I was so irritated with teachers there. They taught and came into the class as they wish.

But anyway..the calming green, the beseeching sounds of the winds, the cars that once for a while passing by, the reaction on the water made by the fishes, the nice rambutan are always my mozart, my supplement for my study. I really miss that moment except the memorizing thing..ehehe..

Owkh, if this entry need to be entries of this blog could be read after you scroll down a bit and please do so. I've already published a new entry down there!! Kindly leave a comment as usual for that one and this one. I need suggestion too..I was hoping I could submit another one. Feel free to give me some suggestion about where I could take my self-photo reading!!


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