new to use them??

After I read April's Reader's Digest Edition, I stumbled upon these words. Words that considered new for me at least; Malaise, overzealous, augur, pored, whittle, prevalent, harried, rekindled.

So, I was thinking of trying to carve this words into my head should it be used in the future as my own satisfaction of self development. Ok, here I go;

Reading has never been clearly defined as a hobby of mine. Roughly defined, hobby is something that you do often and you enjoy doing it. So for the first 'often' part, it's clearly not a hobby. But I do enjoy it. So, by subscribing for a year of Reader's digest, I hope it would be the step that would augur a great paradigm in my narrow life.

Well, of course it would not overzealously burn up the passion of reading in me, but it might..might rekindle this reading attitude of mine to a new, wider level. Perhaps to a level which I could contribute an entry for reader's digest itself??

Anything you do, or you would slowly whittled by the time. Today you might enjoy dancing, but tomorrow you hate it till you burn your sport bra leaving your body in a deep malaise state and you became fatter and fatter. worst, you died due to obesity!! Who knows?

It's quite prevalent to some group of people when they could finish a 320 pages book in just 3 hours. I don't have a slightest idea how they manage to read that fast. I usually pored myself in every single page of the book. Looking for words I could use in my daily life. Perhaps this might be the cause of the slow pace reading?? When it comes to manga, I read it really slow because I always astonish by the drawing. I used to draw a lot. I even drew 2-3 books of my own manga. Well, of course they were normal school notebook with big stripes on it.

Better read few than never huh? It's way better thing to do then having yourself burning police track and harrying along the road just because your team lost with a single goal. Overzealous people sure tends to do bizarre things.

Hehehe...Yatta!! I did it. Well, I'm not pretty sure if I use the words in a correct way and if the entry tells anything. I'll try to do better next time. =].


Masy said…
mane komen gua smalammmm