I think I just not going to publish the entry about mentor audition. First is because I didn't even switch ON my laptop last night to save it into my pendrive. My night ended with me cuddling with the pillow on the sofa given by my neighbour watchin shoalin soccer. Eventhough I didn't recall how many times have I watched it, but it still made me stay put and watched till the end.

Anyway, I still menyampah with the guy that comes with Imran Ajmain (which at first I mistaken him as Imran himself..thanks god my colleague corrected me. If not, I've already say bad things on a wrong person). this guy was so poyo..I think lor. Dia pnya ayat "aku kalau aku nyanyi tak bagus aku akan cakap tak tadi aku rasa aku buat bagus dah. Ntah apa la yg Lah nk carik". you guys have the same nyampah feeling as me hearing this word. Aiyaa..If you think you are damn good, don't do this kind of audition la..Apa daa..

Ok...enough cursing people.

Aishah - the girl next door.

This is Aishah..the girl next door. She's the eldest of her siblings of 3. Her sister is Aliya and her newborn brother, Adam. One scorching day, her dad invited knocking on our door and invited us to a small 'kenduri kesyukuran' at his place for his newborn baby.

All of my housemates didn't wanna go. So, I just went there alone with my camera. We had a nice meal, some pictures of the newborn baby..but I always forgot to upload them..huhh...But the funny thing is this kid Aishah. Whenever Aishah and Alya are playing outside, I will have a simple with-kids-chat.

That day, Alya, her younger sister approached me saying something which I've already forgot. Then Aishah from outside of the house talked to her sister.

"Alya..alya kenal ke cakap2 ngan cikgu tu"
"tak kenal pn.." (while giggling)
"kalau tak kenal, kenapa nk cakap2 ngan cikgu akak"

Ahaha..Aishah was referring me as her cikgu. Celah mana pn aku tak tau. THen her father asked for confirmation.

"mana cikgu akak?"
"tu yg baju merah tu" (while pointing her finger at me)
"ni jiran sebelah la..bila masa jadi cikgu akak"

Hahaha..funny. During cukur jambul, my neighbour even asked me to cut some of Adam's hair while saying "kasi abang sebelah yg rajin tegur sembang cukur". UU..what an honour..