Monday,,monday morning

Uiiittt..a lot of updates from blogs I follow. I bet the other blogs which I follow silently might also updated as well. Do you guys don't have any works to do?? Do your work or you might get fired!! Ahaha..poyo lebihs...

Sleepy Monday morning guys!!

I've already draft my new entry at home last night, but the moment I wanted to save it, I couldn't find my pendrive. Damn it!! I might have left it at the office and it's precisely true. Urkgghh..I was going to share some points with U guys about Mentor program which aired last nite. Guess, we leave it for tomorrow. Spoil sudah.

How's your guys weekends?? Mine is pretty used fully if that's the most appropriate word to describe it. Played tennis on Saturday and SUnday morning. Just got myself a partner to play with. Same level of skill as mine makes it much better. We played at MMU around 8.30 after our breakfast.

After tennis, we had a swimming session in the pool just around the corner. Fuhh..mengah!!!Semputsss!! It's been a while since my last swimming session at Bukit Jalil which I think last year. Hope it's gonna be a weekend routine after this. Wanna build up my muscle. Yaa..I know I'm small, but I'm not skinny..ekekeke.

Oopss..I changed my system to view hidden all the webpages were refreshed!! Thanks blogger to automatically saved my entry just now..Arrr..biru kejap muka. malas gila nk taip balik!! Why I view the hidden files? I want to access my temporary internet files. So, when I browse this 'Jai Ho' video clip from Utube which I'm currently listening to, I could get the file fro this temporary internet files folder. So, to enable this folder, I need to unhide it..=]

Nicole seems the only person singing in PCD isn't she??? I'm not sure why it works that way. As like she's the only person who can sing. Ehehe..but damn I love her..Look at her abs man!!! OMG!! Like the commercial of CLEAR shampoo brand, I really want to say

Nama awek saya Nicole

Ahahaha!!! alamak cembam sedang berlari2 anak dengan anak panah dia dpt dr sunway...hiyap!! Larrrriiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Owkh..sambil lari aku nk nyanyi lagu PCD..."I love that part right thereee...I love that part right there...". Arghh..Cembam masih mengejarrrr!!!!