Browsing through my old pictures uploaded in my other flickr account. I found this picture. I've published in my blog before. But I'm gonna reuse it now. It seems to be matching my situation right now. Wanting to hop/jump to somewhere else where hopefully the opportunity is brighter for a promising future.

Taken last year when I first got my Dieypu (D40). I think this picture is taken by Ayman..or was it Anwar??? We were going to our team dinner that day. Poorly editted it by merging 2 of my pictures into one..hehe. I still like it though.

It seems I updated my blog a lot this month. Maybe it's because of the uneasy feeling I have right now. THe issue ticket from users are also really slow for the time being, finished my reader's digest for this month's issue and starting to read the free october 2008 issue every now and then while checking my stuff.

Ater years, I've just updated my CV and career particulars in my jobstreet account hoping headhunters out there to 'propose' me with great deals. I was also browsing some SAP jobs out there. But everytime I looked at the description, my stomach churning. Maybe I am afraid to take the risk. Is the company stable enough? Will I be treated like a slave? extra hours of working?? Weekend violation of off-day??

Ahhh....demotivated..but still I replied user's email with the speed of bullet!!!!