Huuu~~~~Challenges ahead

Shell dh blok byk aplikasi internet skang. Meebo pn kena. segala yg berkaitan dgn chat pn kena. Facebook. Sbnrya tak kisah pn sbb aku jarang pakai dua2 ni. Tp kadang aku nk berdiskusi dgn dak Qas tu bab2 coding..keje kosong!!
After sepak takraw session with the guys from technip company, I rode along the MEX highway followed by Irman towards home. But we've already decided to have our dinner at Air Buah Pesona Serdang. It's a place where you could drink a biiiggg glass of blended fruit with the price of less than RM5. We stopped at a petrol pump. Irman fueled up his tank and I went to check my salary while waiting for him. I could see that my salary has already banked in. A happy thing. But the figure is the same. Means, bad thing increment =[. Huuu~~~. Now I'm panic..=p. Ini serious~~~. Wonderpet tk dapat membantu....

Yes, I know I'm still lucky because the company still needs me (of course la), I'm not being fired like those who have already lost their jobs and some company even got decrement. Yes I know. But I'm a human that lives in this concrete jungle where everything revolves around money. Everything is money and the living cost is kinda high. ANd the most crucial part is..I'm gonna get married. I need to save a looottt of those papersss!!!

Ah..nevermind la. I dunno wanna talk about it. From the management's perspective, they have their own do I. But the management always win I guess. I just hope the fact that I took the challenge to do module which is not my company's best interest, been here for 2 years and gonna face the risk that after this project ended I would be no one like the newbies would at least appreciated. They charge the client for my position for a considerably high rate. I contribute to them big money and we know my post and most of the functional posts here contribute the most of the revenue. So, we just want a slice of that.

I still hope, the figure I saw last night is bcause they still didn't manage to finalize the who-got-the-increment and who-got-the-adjustment. Rightfully my batch should already promoted to consultant this year. So, we are looking forward to an adjustment of our salary at least. We understand the financial situation. But our project is still ON. Money is still going in. The rate is still the same. Please at least for us...for our group please..??