Hard decision, hard time..I'm not hardening ok...

I've just made a really hard..utterly difficult decision that involves the long ahead planning and might thwarting a very crucial thing ahead. I've already discussed it thoroughly with Cembam, and she's already agreed. Guess the future need to be drawn in more creative way and as colourful as I could. I'll try my best..(smbil genggam tgn dekat dengan dada pandang ke atas).

As Benaffey is getting older and older, she's not looking great anymore. BUt her appetite remains the same. She's not anymore the same sex symbol on the road as she used to. Her looks somehow changed, her stamina. But yet I still love her. She runs as fast as she could so I could reach wherever I want as soon as she could deliver. I'm gonna miss Benaffey. It's just a matter of time she would breath her last..sob sob..

My friend Aman texted me with an offer which only could be offered to a friend. After deep thinking and discussion, I took the offer. Just a matter of time till the 'offer' knocking on my doorstep. When the moment comes, I'll share with you guys and girls..=p

Being friend with Aman for just a year and 3 months, we've already like best friend. He refers me as his other half of the coin. We discussed many things, we share our thoughts and we reached to different conclusion sometimes.

"Lu bila sampai atas...u boleh kasi tanggal la itu payung..nnt mayat kita kasi kutip", macha menerangkan opsyen2 yg boleh dilakukan ketika berada di atas sana

This is one of the time we spent. Pergh mcm biografi seorg gay la plak...ahahaha!!! Aman might be gay, but I'm totally not..tnya cembam..ahahaah!!

Credit to Ayman for the pic. I editted them a bit to make it more memuah of course. I'm not gonna try this para-sailing??? anymore. It's a bit expensive but it's not that thrilling to kick my adrenaline. I'm gonna try the jet ski maybe next time.

Huuu!!!!! It's gonna be a veeerrryyy tough days ahead to achieve my goal. Bhasyaaa!!!!