While watching Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series, I just think it's better to draft my new entry for tomorrow. I've copied some episodes of this series in my office machine but I haven't watch a single episode yet. So, when my office desktop prompted out windows message saying that I don't have sufficient disk space to allow windows updating the machine, I copied one episode and brought it home to watch.

So, I thought I'm gonna watch one tonight and decide if the series is worth collecting or I should just delete it. Well, so far it's quite nice though. Din is watching Keliwon...I heard someone reciting holy pray to get rid of the pontianak..

I am thinking of buying my own machine at home. My last and only desktop has already so called sold to my sister. Unlike during my college days, I am totally lost with latest technology of the processors, motherboards, graphic cards and other parts of them.

I was thinking of a machine that could run the lattest PC game..I want to actively play them again. hehheehe. Need at least 1 Terabyte space of disk for all my pictures. My colleague suggested me to buy a 2nd hand one from the forum. I need to do a homework to know the specification would fit my needs. And the most important thing, the performance of the machine should be enough to do everything I want at least for 5 years before upgrading.

I thought of something like this would be cooolll!!! But the flexibility to upgrade the inside parts is quite limited.