Fariz and my stingy day

Remember the entry of my best friend's new delivered son? I managed to paid them a visit last Saturday. He named the kid Mohd Fahim. It means the one who understood. Nice name. Hope he would be such an obedient son of them through all the years, a big bro who is so caring toward his siblings and more.

These are some of the pictures. Detail of the entry could be read here ;

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He looks like his dad. Well..for now. Congrats bro!!

Different story;

I still feel a bit itchy on the parts where I got stung by the eart-bee?? (tebuan tanah). Dunno how do you call it in english. Help!! SUnday morning when my eyelids are still damn heavy plus just had a breakfast of tepung goreng, my dad suddenly asked me to help him cutting off the bushes, semak samun at our orchard. (how do you say menebas semak in english??).

I was so freakin lazyyy..I was going to give an excuse that I have something to do..but I know, if I feel it's tiring to do it, my dad is way tired to do it with his age. So with a heavy arse I changed my cloth and went to the orchard with him.

My task was to chop down a wild bushes along the ditch. It's such a long time since I did that. So, I chopped and cut here and there till something stung me..owchh!!! Then I saw others..I ran..hiyaaa..but still I got stung around 5-6 times. THere's no single sound made by these creatures, that's why I didn't notice.

Uuuu..luckily the sting is not as fatal as the other type of bees. So I could still continued my work till the part along the ditch was cleared. Like usual, I would get blisters on my palm as a token of hardwork..hehehe!! I don't wanna use a glove. FOr me, it reminds me of who I am and where I came from...=].