Entry dedicated to Anne org kmpung aku

Still remember this great gathering time. The first and ever nih. Oww..masy..jgn la pndang I camtu..cairrr...ahahahaha!!
I dreamt of meeting Anne when I had my siesta one silent afternoon. I was just got back from my Broga outing. Feelin malaise by all the hiking I took a nap to get energy to play sepak takraw in the evening.

It was a short dream, but I could remember the detail. I was going to play sepak takraw in that dream when suddenly I heard someone said that Anne's company is promoting a soya drink brand and currently they are giving away free sample of them with different flavor. The voice that told me this could be described as a narrator of a drama or stage performance which I didn't know where it comes from.

I ran towards the road and spotted Anne with her dress..A white dress, laced and weared with the a black..err..what do you call that black kinda sleeveless cover that you wear in the inside before you wear your tuxedo or blazer?..yaa..that one.

When I was there, her soya sample drink just a cup left. Anne looking a bit suprised and her face tells me that she recognized me when I approached her.

"free ah?. I'll take it?" Anne just smiled and I took the paper cup from the tray she was holding.

Slllrrrrpppppppp..Emmmm...while trying to chew the almond nut and the raisins inside it. Anne and her other colleague were waiting for my comment. It seems everybody who tasted their soya drink needs to give them some feedback or comment. the flavor is to be marketed and it's totally new and creative flavor.

Done swallowing, "Emm..is this soya drink has the flavor of mix almond and raisins already or it it's just a normal soya drink but you put almond nut and the raisins inside to give it a bit of the flavor", I asked them while Anne just kept smiling once in a while.

"emm..yes..it's just a normal soya drink, but we put different variety of ingredients that we thought interesting and will give a nice flavor to the soya drink. that's why we need your feedback", answered Anne's colleague. A girl with a big frame and looks promising as a salesperson.

"ooo..means if it a YES for many of the testers here, you would proceed with th flavored soya drink, patented the flavor and sell it to the market with your brand?". I asked more

"Definitely", she answered again

"emm....not bad..Ok..but the soya drink is so...common..so ordinary..that makes the taste a bit down the grade. But the idea and the taste is quite nice"

Anne and her colleague seems pleased with my feedback. I dunno why Anne didn't even bother to answer my question. Maybe soya drink sales is not her cup of tea??hehe. Then I heard Jinbara's Farhana song beseeching fadely but becoming more and more clearer.

My alarm went ON...