Outlook sent me a reminder saying that my mailbox is over it's size limit. Just finished deleting some emails which I think are not anymore useful.

I'm getting old...Eventhough it's just a really slight and mild aching of my body after the tennis session last night, it's proven physiologically that I'm old already!! Lifted up my ass from the mattress was such a hard task to do this morning. Plus the drizzling outside..shite!! All I'm saying is..I missed it again this morning..=[. THe worst thing, Cembam has already rang me UPP!!

As the drama Kasanova XXL has already ended, I could join my fellow friends for the usual after-play dinner this time. I usually went home right after the play.

Seriously..sitting and hang out with them for half an hour could do damage in your career thinking system. You see, they drive Caldina, BMW, City and Naza Ria (coz this one has 4 kids already). When they talked about their works, I'm not that awed because for me everything is easy. Once you get the hang on's gonna run smoothly between your fingers. But when the salary thingy came up..god. I really feel I'm the most poor person there.

We always tease our friend to treat us a meal by saying "alaa..gaji ribu ribu..belanja la"..right? But with them, it sounds like this "come on la..gaji belas-belas, layan la golf seminggu sekali". Damn it. If I'm hanging out with a son of Dato', it's entirely different and I don't really feel anything about it. But I'm supposed to be in the same boat as them but the oppurtunity is still not on the table.

These are consultants of SAP. To those who don't have a slightest idea..try google it. I don't have time to explain it. Ok, a bit la..SAP stands for System Application and Development Process. It's not a software, it's a system..a flow. For IT students, it's the same as ERP (enterprise resource planning). It's how to develop a savvy system to be used in an enterprise.
**correction. SAP = System Application Product. It's a software that linked to a mass database**
-sorry. I answered the first one during my interview and the interviewer said, "glad U know".

Those with SAP cert and backgrounds are now so highly required. For those with contract terms they can say "I'll think about it" if they were offered 6-7K basic salary. It's little to them. But, there's always a but. THat's if they have the skill, the experience involved in an implementation project and the module they master is the one highly needed in the market.

Jard used to be SAP consultant. Salute her. SHe can ditched it and go for a goverment job instead. But as I said that night, I'm not technically an SAP consultant yet. Just by the name now. I even support and master module that only SHELL uses it in this entire world!!!

Those highly-paid friends of mine said it's time to make a move. You won't get a nice lifestyle by staying put in my company now. It keeps my brain running fast now. Is it time to take the risk and hop to other company? Will my skill and experience would be wanted out there?

Cembam keeps on suggesting to appy for GOmen. The thing is, I really want to take the chance to be paid like these people. it the time to perform istikharah pray? oooo..You feel miserable, then you turn to HIM. Asshole!!

The only word I always use to make myself better is. "well, eventhough they are highly paid, that doesn't mean they have happy life"... but they are happy ok...!!