COlours of life!!

Proper pictures of those are here.

Last weekend I went out for a while meeting my friend who was printing the pictures for our latest client's album. The album pictures are designed by me. While waiting for the pictures to be printed, we had our lunch at one of the stall there.

Guess, I couldn't just sit idly waiting for my fried maggie (it was my first time ever trying it), I took out my Nieyl and started shooting some candid pictures of the people around plaza pudu. Those pictures above are the simbolique colours of life around us.

There are some pictures that I really like;

They spotted me taking their pictures and looked at me with a huuu looks..ekeke. Just smile la next time..U guys are cute meh..especially the black shirt gal..miaoww

I love this family moment shot!!

Colours of life!!! Oh, reminds me how I suppose to accept the truth, the reality that I am short-sighted person now. My eyes hurt when I stared my monitor for too long now. I need the help of my glasses..argghhh!! When Allah took back one of His nikmat...that moment U know how ungrateful U are..arghhh!!!

Tu belum the fact that now u got aching body when U woke up in the morning after the tennis session last night..OOkkhh..I'm getting monopaus little by little..ekekeke

P/S : a note for camera people. THese shots are all original pics. Maybe some
are cropped a bit. I tried using the 'shadow' WB and I got this effect that
looks like the movie 300 effect. Do you guys realized that??