Aduuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Can anyone help me with a little favor of coding?? I'm thinking of making my entry with the 'read more' function. Just want to make my blog neat and eye-pleasing.

ANyone...I've tried some free blog templates, but unseccusful. Maybe because I don't really understand how to make it works. Sorry, I'm not from IT backgrround. I'm graduated in Usuluddin OKKK..

So please help me..aima, I think U know how. But I can't reach you...helpppp!!!

EHHH!!!wahhhh!!berjayaaa!!!!!!!!mekasih en google atas tunjuk ajar anda..mmg betul org kata..usaha escalator kejayaaannn!!syabass...lebih kemas skang..yeeeaaa!!!!!