The challenges!!

Damn bored!! Mixed feeling which mostly comes from a negative uneasy sensation. I feel kinda empty inside. Is it because the news that I've received just now?? I do think it's because of it..ahhh...

I am used to hearing a wisdom 'once you married, you will be prospered'. I think that's definitely trueee!! You see most of the new award winner for ABPBH are the one who just got married?? You see?? But what about going to get married?? I think it doesn't apply before married. I am the living evidence and the news just now is the complete emphasizer.

I was hoping for better makin my effor a bit easier to trudge along my path of being a man with his own family. But this tragic news gonna change that..completely thwarting my planned financial structuring. It's gonna be a tough year ahead.


Last Saturday, I went to the printing shop to print some pictures for my client. I have been thinking of buying a new bike that would be safer to ride. But the down payment and the installment needs to be handled and drafted carefully before I make the final decision on which model would it be. The desire always conflict with the affordability.

While waiting for Benaffey doing her spa treatment

While I was thinking about the new bike, loyal first asset a.k.a 3-year-service wife seems to be reallyy slow. There was a weird sound from the front wheel. I stopped and I checked the disc when I found out that the disc brake is jammed..making the wheel stuck. I asked the printing gal the nearest workshop and forced Benaffey to run there.

Benaffey naked

So there goes my Benaffey undergo her spa treatment. Argghhh..another financial obstacle for this month. The desire to buy a new bike has just being fired up!! Huuu..It's gonna cost me around 2K for the down payment of a new bike. And that 2K is just based on affordability...not desire!!

Benaffey being massaged

It's a great challenge to save money and marrying a girl. Is it too much if I expect I would be treated nice everyday...a gentle smile waiting at the door when I reach home from the office every evenings, a decent dish and a pleasure time from my wife after all we, guys had endured??
I'm glad I have this blog and you friends to nag about something whenever I felt depressed, happy, exuberent and all those colourful feelings!!