Bloggers Gath!!

It was my 2nd gath I've ever joined. Totally different set of people and it's good coz I could know them in real life rather than picturing their nose, eyebrows or lips by the way they write in their blogs. It's way easier. Now I know Jard's face after numbers of time trying to figure out her face by looking at her shoulder (refer her profile picture)

It wasn't planned, well from my side obviously but yet it happened. Got text msg from Zonaku on Saturday evening..and I decided to join. Drove there because it was drizzling a bit. I didn't know the place so Aima and Zonaku helped me with the direction. It's not really helping actually but still managed to find it..ahaha!!!

So there were, Kueh Bakar, ZOnaku, Aim-a, Shila and Jard. Let me brief a bit about them..ahaha;

Kueh Bakar - aloof looking guy.
Zonaku - Like I've met before. Looks independence
Jard - not really ignorant brat coz she obeyed her father working with the gomen..hehe
Aima - her voice matches her look.
Shila - Like I've met before as well. kita penah kapel ke??ahahaha!!!

We gathered at Pak Li kopitiam. They ordered Nasi ayam lemon- the best dish there but I just knew it this morning after bloghopped to theirs. Why didn't you guys recommended it to me?? Binci binci!!!

We had a nice time..ah..we saw dafi woh. He sat next to our table. His group of friends even waited for our table. Jambu gile mamat tuh.

Overall it was a nice gathering. Knew a bit here and there about them. But the stupid thing, I didn't get their numbers..Ugup tenan loh. Next time I took your guys' number at ABC nelly furtado tu ah..Here are some pics. Hope it's private enuff.

Sorry...ori pic. Nice composition though..Jard ke yg amek?? worries..No oily faces.


Thanks Zonaku coz still remember that I wanted to take the moon pic. SHe even stopped at Petronas for my sake. BUt it wasn't as big as while I was searching for the place. Rugi lak tak benti...THe moon was so biiggggg!!!

p/s : klaka masa aima tnya pasal tunang. aku kata 'mana ada tunang' smbil pandang shila..harap shila paham maksud pandangan aku..ahahahahaah!!!!