Balik kampunggg

It seems the raining is pouring down again. Alhamdulillah...the angels have brought every single drop of it with a pray that this world wouldn't end soon. My office seems a little bit quieter than usual. Perhaps the holiday mood has already kicked in. Some have already left. I was planning to go back hometown right after my office day ended, but I didn't manage to pack my things up last nite. Hang on a bit too late last nite, then as sleepy as hell I just went to bed early.

This morning, I just remembered the squid that I bought from the night market stored in the fridge, Damn. I'm gonna have a 3-day leave, so definitely it would already rotted out. SO before leaving the house this morning I managed to steal some time slicing them up and fried it. SHIT!!! I just remember that I bring it to the office for my lunch...

...ok..I'm eating it now while finishing this entry. emmmm.......I was planning to tapau white rice and have my lunch with my fried squid. But my whole team planned to have lunch together just now. SO, the fried squid was out of the lunch menu..=p.

I got text message from my sis saying that it's raining in the morning and in the evening now in Sabak Bernam. I was going to ride home. Wanna see how stable my new ride's the fuel consumption, the speed and wanted to save a bit of my budget on the fuel. But I might have to change my plan..hmmm

Can't wait to see my mom. She had just undergo her small surgery to remove her irritating tooth. Hope the pain is away now...=].