Where's the pendrive??

Morning guys!! Yaa..I know..monday blues..

I had a lot to write in my head the moment I stepped into the office just now. BUt after a while browsing to some of your blogs, I really have to try harder to remember what I was going to write. It went blank at this moment.

Last Friday before I kicked off from my office, I managed to add the search field in my blog..ahaha!! Being an ex software engineer student seems to be devastatingly idiot when such a simple thing couldn't be done easily. I got help from Qasieh but in the end of the day I managed to sort it myself using Qasieh's ideas and some self-learn programming. Yeah!!Now you can find a word in my blog..ekeke!!

I was going to upload some pictures I took during FMDC Photo Race last Saturday but I couldn't find my pendrive at the place it supposed to be, the zip is opened..I really hope it's not lying anywhere out there on the road. I really hope I left it at home. BUt I was so confident that I've already inserted it into my bag's pouch..damn!! Waiting for my housemate to check if it's left at home.

I dreamt of my grandma this morning. SO, I dialled her number just now. My grandpa answered it, then I said I wanna talk to grandma...n a moment later, I just hung up because I could only hear a silence. Not sure if grandpa managed to let grandma knows that I've called her. Gonna try it later. Well, grandpa is already in that time of the age you know.

Argghhh!!!! Tension betui!!! I was going to share about the Photo Race actually..Denggg!!!Next entry perhaps.