Hye!! It's Friday dude!!Chill out!!

Do you guys have any plan in the weekend. Well, my friend is organising a fun weekend filled with bazaars selling great stuffs with great prices!! This is the 3rd weekend which being called A:fair Weekend. Check this out and feel free to bring your family here if you still don't have any plan for the weekend. I'm interested with the capoiera show..hmm!!
A:fair Weekend!!

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I read Captain Luffy's blog about going back to the past. It' s always intriguing to imagine if one day I could get the chance to go back to my past and do anything I like again, correcting my past mistakes and lots more!! Of course, it's always have something to with those parallel dimension..the round time quantum and meeting form the end of the other quantum with the other quantum would make it possible. But I would always know, Allah won't give a power like that to human. Coz human will always misuses it.

But I always dreaming, fantasizing if I could go back to the past. U know, everytime I sleep..every hour of the sleep, I went back to my past. Means, If I sleep for 8 hours, then I'm gonna be in the past for 8 hours. My imagination always carefully placed. Every great thing comes with risk right? SO the risk of doing this travelling-to-the past mission is that everytime you screwed in the past, the history would definitely changed. You might wake up from the sleep and the present has been altered. LIke you are waking up in a cell for example coz U got caught during the past-journey.

And you can only get back to the particular past-time once!! Ok, for example you went to the past to compete in the school tournament again to win the final..You can only do that once. THen U need to select some other past. U failed to change it, the quantum won't be opened anymore.

Hahaha!! Now I feel a bit idiot fantasizing it this detail..But we are recommended to fantasize 5 minutes a day U know..So, there goes my friday!!