wedding and the challenge??

Huh...after my sexual entry about my ecchi dream..I don't know what kind of thoughts my blog readers gonna come up about me..ahahaha!!!

Alright..back to a decent entry.

I felt sleepy or more precise word should be 'gemblung'. I'm not sure what's the synonym for it in malay or english. Mantong, weng? or miong?. But the reason is because lack of sleep. I tried finishing my latest wedding shot's album till 1.30a.m. Slept for a while in the living room before I woke up again because my housemates were watching the soccer game.

I woke up as well to watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid. I'm not a soccer fan, but I like LIverpool. And I could continue my work at the same time. Worth the lack of sleeping though. 4 goals from liverpool and I managed to finish 98% of the album. Just need to prepare the gifts pictures and then send it to the printing shop.Huuuu..there's another 2 albums waiting.

I'm working hard to save money as much as I can so I wouldn't have to take a loan for my wedding. Or at least I would just need to take a loan in a small figure. Bhasyaaa!!! Yup!! This is a challenge to us men when it comes to marriage. We can't afford to save so much. Living expenses now is so high!! Even if we manage to save RM500 every month with Rm2K salary..that's quite an achievement right??But 1 year..just 6K..assuming U never missed any month worth Rm500 which actually quite hard. Anything can happens and will ask for your money..huhu!!

Ok..Enough with that. Here are some pictures from my latest wedding shot. I know..most of it would be a veryyy typical shots that have been seen in so many albums or web pages. That's the challenge as a wedding photographer. If you didn't took this typical shots, usually the clients will ask. Because it's so default to have those pictures of kissing hands and etc.

If any of my clients could allocate some time to have outdoor shoot...We would be very happy to do it for you..Out there, outdoor shoot would be charged differently. BUt for us, for me..If you have the time..let's do's for both clients and photographer's satisfaction!! NO extra charge..but don't let us wait till 6 o''s too damn long hours to cover your guys' wedding. We came at 11 then go home around 4. That's 5 hours coverage. Most of the services just cover 3 hours of your wedding. Ahaha..advertising unintentionally.

Ok..More pictures here. If it's not there..means it's in the middle of uploading. Till then..Jaa Neee!! . May Allah bless their wedding and happily sailing their way ahead in the marriage life.