red-eye carnivour!!!

I have a red left eye. If you watch or read Naruto..U could say if I wear a pice of torn clothes and wrap my left eye..I could act as Kakashi with the sharingan!!! Hehe..I bet some of you don't have any idea what a crap I'm talking about.

I thought of wearing a sunglass to the office to make sure the illness is not spread among my other colleague. However, believe it or not..I don't have a sunglass..huu..Well, I had it once. But I lost it during my family outing back then.

One of the memory with my sunglass. Taken with my 2MP phonecamera while waiting for WanHayati to be groomed!!

So miss it..THe only time I have a sunglass and now it's just a past-tense adjective. Kuuu!!

Owkh..I'm waiting for the clock to tick at 6 p.m so i could wear my rainjacket, trudge along the wet road and the drizzling rain and hopefully my housing area is as sunny as it supposed to so I could have my sport-hour as usual. I texted my friend there just now and he said it's already cleared there.

Another thing!! During my EL/MC, I had a lunch of rib-eye steak. I was so nervous..a bit traumatized by the fact that I was once crumbled down to my belly when I had my last beef. But I convinced myself that I am a meat-eater!! Mind over matters!! I ordered one and had it just fine.

I felt just a very minute discomforting sensation in my belly but no more than that. Yes!!! I' back of being a red-meat carnivour!!!!