Photo Race FMDC

Ahh!!Thanks Allah my pendrive was left at home..yeayy!! SO last night, I've reaffirmed that it has been snucked into my bag along with my tennis racquet. GOnna play after work today. Hope the berserking clouds wouldn't leash their wrath this evening...amiinnn..

Alright..time to share my weekend story. FMDC, a group of photographers where they have their own forum has organized their first photo race for their members. We only have to pay RM5 per head for a team of 3. It was my first time joining this kind of event and my 2nd time outing with other photographers after my Putrajaya sessionlast month.

My colleague, Adesh and her BF DOnut joined me as one team and we named our
team 'HENGUSHYAN'. Registration at 7.45-8.30 a.m at KFC KL Sentral. Strange, everytime Adesh, Donut and I met, we always arrived at the same time. Canggih ar..mmg destined to be a team la tu..hehe

BUt I submitted this photo for 'Beauty of KL'.

HUnter while HUnting. I really think I should submit this one. But you that moment, rushing, blur and exhausted.

For the theme 'FIVE'. This one is already editted. Those 3 pictures above is for Checkpoint 1, KLCC

Then first Checkpoint, KLCC. THey gave us 15 theme to be completed. They are 4 compulsory theme which are;
1. Reflection of the street
2. MOdern public transport
3. Beauty of KL
4. Hunter While Hunting

My most favourite picture of the day for theme 'colourful'. I really think this one reflects colourful in a whole different way than the rest of the team. Hehehe!!

Serama for theme 'Original'. These 4 pictures above is for Checkpoint 2, Masjid Jamek to Central Market

But 4 of those were forgotten because we were so pre-occupied on completing the 15 themes. We just picked any that fit the theme during the selection. Hahaha!! THen another 15 themes for Check point number two from masjid jamek to Central Market. Each checkpoint is given 2 hours time.

Then at KL Sentral for lunch, they gave 2 themes. Rest and Delicious. After the lunch, we had a task to answers questions which the clues and the answers are around KL Sentral. We also need to take picture of ERL model, Group photo and A photo of 2 members with 2 civilians.

For the theme 'Delicious'.

For the theme 'Rest' supposedly. BUt the uneditted one is not that promising. We sent other picture for it.

Done, we compiled the pictures, selected the best out of us for all the themes, renamed it using the name format given and submit it. We were shocked when we got the 3rd prize!! Hahaha!! My first outing, 3rd prize. OK ler..But maybe the senior teams didn't really given their best and gave us a chance.. Thanks.

This one is soo funny. We supposed to take picture with 2 civilians, but when we approached 2 girls to take photo with, they asked if we gonna upload it or not bla bla. So I just asked my friends to sit here...and snap!!Tadaa!!

3rd HENGUSHYANNNN!!! Credit to BigBro.

ALrite, that's the brief story..enjoy some of the pics from me..To browse the whole batch of the pictures we sent for the judging...visit Donut's flickr.