Nadal and his racquet..I mean my racquet!!

I couldn't sleep well last night. My brain was like keep on working but I couldn't remember what was it about this morning. I could hear a faint sound from my living room. My housemates were watching MU game last night if I'm not mistaken. It went on and on.

Around 5.30 a.m, I went to the bathroom and drank some water from ther fridge. Subuh time is a bit late now, so I thought around 6.15 a.m I could perform my prayer and went back to sleep. But Cembam's call woke me up at 6.50 a.m. Owkh!!!

So right now, I'm a bit sleepy.....

Firstly, I wanna say thank you so mwuuchh to all your kind compliments of my photos. It really is nice of you guys to keep supporting me with those nice words. But if you want to give any comment or critic, you are most welcomed!!

Ok, let's layan what was playing in my head while I rode my bike towards the office this morning with songs like 'bawaku terbang', 'cuba', 'I'm alive', 'matahariku' and lots more beseeching in my head from my IPOD;

I was watching Rafael Nadal's play competing with someone else (you can imagine anyone playing with him). He won it!! Nadal won another title in that match. Like usual, everybody would try to take pictures with him, getting his autorgaph and all those usual things when you meet with celebrities.

I was pushing towards Nadal in the middle of the sea of people and managed to breakthrough the security.

"Nadal!!!I'm your biggest fan!! Like really hugeeeee!!! fan of yours!!". Nadal seems to be attracted. He approached me.
"U want something??autograph??"
"nahhh!!!I don't have any place u could sign..Can i have your racquet?"
"what??my racquet?"
"yaahhh..I'm just starting playing tennis every week with my colleague. SO I could use a nice racquet like yours. I bet you could easily have a better one"
" don't want my autograph?"
" can sign your autograph on your racquet and give it to me...", doing 10 cent face.
"Hmm...okay. Here, you can have it". while handing me the racquet. Almost all eyes are on me now..Most of it are the eyes of jealousy.
"How long have you been playing tennis?"
"Emm...including this week..that's 3 times in my entire life"
"good luck then". Then Nadal walked away from me.
"thanks nadal!!! You are cool man!!!!! I'll come to watch your game again next time..well, if I have free ticket!!!!"

Huh..this is the impact of my recent tennis session. I'm starting to enjoy this sport. I had to skip my Aikido class one night every week..We usually play on Tuesday or Wednesday night...hehe!!