Hail Simboliqians!!!

It's 1.17a.m right now. Deek and I were having my late night stay at Island Red Cafe Pandan Indah. Just back from our wedding photoshoot at Jengka and headed here straight from there to have our dinner and to meet the other 2 simboliqians who were just finished their wedding photoshoot at Malacca.

We chatted a lot just now. We were very satisfied with this time's job for both of the places. Am and Aman were so excited with their outdoor shots by the beach. The sky was bluishly stunning and the sands were crisoy gold. The composition and the moments captured nicely.

We on the other hand weren't really lucky when the downpour begun around 1 p.m and lasted till around 4 causing the sky just plain white and gloomy. Yet we were so excited with our fresh ideas that we tried to apply during the indoor shoot. I'm gonna update mine later but you can browse our webpage for the freshest outdoor shooting done by Aman and Am. You gonna love it. It's the quality of a 5K price of service!!

Am and Aman's excellent shot of the day!!

Yup!! We are so very satisfied because we really think we have achieved an improvement with our shots and ideas. Go Simbolique!!!!

Owkh..want to know us better??These are 4 of us when we were browsing through the eyewears while waiting Deek's glasses to be repaired. Hehehe!!! A lot more story to come. But I just shared this brief update while waiting a new fresh idea to bang into my head for my next page of my client's custom album...huuu!!!!

Deek The LoneRanger

Aman the Feminist

Am the Flash

Goku. (Not a self proclaimed name. An amoi called me that when we went to her shop. Kame Hame Haaa!!!!).

Apart of being a simboliqians..we think we could use Glassy Gorgeous...something like budak kaca mata in English version..wahahaha!!! GG!! GO GG!! Wahahaaahah!!!!

We are starting to clearly see our potential to produce greatness and freshness in photography. Thanks to all of your compliments, critics, supportive comments and everything!! U guys are awesome!! Just like us!! Wahahahaha!!!

Ok..better start designing my next page..

p/s: those shots of us are ori pic taken with Carl Zeiss 50mm Planar. Nice vibration huh??