Don't judge the bloke by his spender??

When U saw people wearing black Armani suit, crocodile shoes, pink ties with his name embedded on his colar tip with golden thread..what is the first thing you guys would have thought about him? Rich?? CEO? Corporate bastard??

We always hear the wisdom 'don't judge the bloke by his spender', but honestly that is always the first thing drilling into our thick skull everytime we met someone. Or was it just me??ahaha!!

Being a contractor and sent into client's premise is my definition of working. And of course being one, you need to give good impression to the client to preserve the good reputation of your company. My company always state that we need to dress above the client's par. Meaning, if the client wear suit, you need to wear suit at least and preferably a tie so you are better than the client.

Working here, I could see a discrimination when it comes to dressing. The amoi, cewek2, the women can dress up anyway they want. Short skirt above the knee, sleveless shirt, sandals and lots more. SOme even intriguingly dress with so much exposures and curves..huuu. ANd when we, the guys check them out, they call it 'sexual harrassment'. I mean, is there anywrong to say to the girl "wow you have a really nice boobs" who wears tigh tshirt exposing those fluffy roti pau??

She's the one exposing it right?'s to be stared, tested or whatever la..we the guys just like window shopping and saying to the salesgirl.."wow that bread looks delicious". Is that a crime???

I think we are the one being harassed with all those displays. Raise up your hands to whom who agreed!!!! Hehehehe!!

So, the wisdom of today's entry is...I as a contractor..have never obey the dresscode. Once I observed the way of my colleagues' dressing, I go to work everyday as I like. Jeans, sport shoes..sometimes sandals, roundneck etc. I wonder if the manager dare to warn me. Coz I would say "make sure the women dress accordingly..then I shall obey...". Bhasyaaa!!!!