Congrats Fariz n Hawa for the 9 months 10 days waiting!!

I'm watching 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. It's been a while since I have it in my laptop. But all the designing stuffs was making me busy. Like U know, everytime U ought to do something else with your laptop then the surge of urgency and worrying that something else is not finished you continue with it and closed anything that U've opened earlier..I bet U've been in this situation once in a while.

Huh~~ I think I just got a red eye. I don't know what do you call it in english (sakit mata yg merah2 tu). Drop a comment if you know what do we call it yah? It's one of the purpose I blog everyday. I learn new things either by my own or by your help =p.

My best friend, Fariz is a father today. His wife safely delivered their first shining hope, a son at 5.55p.m. Fariz is my bestest friend. We've gone through a lot of things in our lives since we were kids..we went to schol together for years..

Hawa, his wife is such a deary. She mingles with us with ease. We have been going out together so many times and we really think Hawa is one of us as well.

This child's birthday is one week after mine. I think I can celebrate his birthday with mine in the future..I wanna be his godfather la..can???Hehehe!! So, congrats fariz!!! I'm gonna visit you guys later...