Bachelors?? bored!!

It's a bright clear evening today. I would have already in the middle of the highway right now rushing towards Puncak Jalil if it's not because of tennis session this evening. I wonder if we are still in rainy season? NOt that I'm being an ungrateful being..but I just wonder OK..Well, my wedding day is planned on March next year because one of the reason is that the rainy season is supposed to be ended at that time. Guess I need to start thinking of plan B.

An old picture up there..It was taken by Omar, guy on the left with Irman who married last year during our Hari Raya baraan. I guess no more baraan this year huh? Most of the gang have already married. Have their own commitments, priorities and other things to do during Hari Raya.

Out of all the people who joined baraan last year, the remaining bachelors are about at most 4 out of 12. Huu...Guess I'm starting to miss the old days. The days we used to hang out. The days we used to laugh so hard together. I think I need to be prepared..To start calmly getting old..