At Home, planning...


I'm still at my hometown. Lot of planning have been discussed among my sister, my mom and I. About my sis' wedding day, how the canopy should be placed, the 'pelamin', the guests, the frontyard that should be hardened with more soil and etc.

The other thing is about our washroom. The wall is built just using crappy left-over aged zinks. It's not even covering the washroom fully. The upper part of it is still wide open giving a freaky shivering once a while when any of the occupants wanted to use it during the night. So, we thought we just gonna buy some new zinks and make the wall properly.

We even called our neighbour who use to taking jobs involving renovation. We asked him to inspect our washroom and estimate how much we have to spend including his fee to cover the whole floor with mozaic and plaster the concrete wall to make it nicer.

After a while we came up with the figure and it's around Rm500 for that small project. Hmm..OK. Plus the zinks cost, it's around RM800. huu~~~, I've discussed with my sis to share among us to fund it.

Gonna get busy now. Going out to buy the zinks with my dad, then asking the market about the mozaic's price and do something with my fiancee's ring that lost it's so called diamond..=p.

Jaa Nee then~~~