8th March is a NO!!

I drive this morning. Driving in KL could be re-defined as 'Late', 'stuck' or 'Argghh'. So, I didn't fantasize anything along the journey. Undividedly focus for every chances to shift lanes and making my drive smoother and faster. My driving principle in KL is 'Drive fast whenever you can!!'.

Hmm..It's already Friday. But so far the far-ahead-planned Ulu Yam outing seems to be a NO. From my side, I only have my housemate, Qasieh and probably her fiancee. These are the only people with more than 90% confrimed. Whereby on Masy's side, only cute fluffy baby Masy who confirmed going. If the place is not that far from our places, I can still thinking of proceed the plan. But for Masy to drive way from S.Alam to UluYam, alone and then having a picnic with 5 people. It doesn't sound great at all..If it's 5 housemates, or friends who always out together..it's different. I didn't mean to say tak best kalau just masy, Qas, me n my housemate..but, U know..it's a bit awkward and it's not worthy.

Nnt Masy drive balik sorg2..I risau tau..ehehehe!! These are some of the conversation between Qasieh, Masy and I.

Masy : aku tknak dh plan benda2 camni pasni. Aku dah patah hateeeeee
Aku : Hati mu keras ROY

Aku : kompem la tak jadi Qas. Takde sapa pn. Belah Masy..dia sorg je yg kompem
Qas : Ok la tu..ko piknik la ngan Kak Masy...wahahahahaha!!
Aku : Owkh...tidak buleh. Nnt kuar video 3GP title 'Ulu Yam' plak
Aku : Aku ni insan yg lemah...hanya mampu berserah (lagu Ramlah Ram)
Qas : Macam siot..siap nk berserah..

Well then, I better come up with another plan this weekend. If there's nothing...I think I better balik kampung kot. SOme of FMDC members are planning to hike Bukit Broga Semenyih. BUt they gonna kick off early like 5.30a.m gather..Huuu..they want to shoot the rising sun. Who wanna join??jom..I need someone to be a more convincing partner to wake me up that early in the morning.