400th Post!!!!!!

Allah!! It's my 400th post! I've been blogging since January 2007 after I felt it's fun to nag about anything and if you are lucky somebody else might read it. It's an non-direct friendship, bond or whatever terms you want to name it.

Well, after 2 years I do have virtual friends. Some who I've met and some who kindly follow my blog. I really appreciate every single time you guys visit my ridiculous blog. Thanks..U all mmg memuahhh!!!

Alright, entry for today - late update of my ronggeng outing with my fellow simboliqians..heh!!

The view from our window

7th March, Aman and Deek asked me to hang out with them. As I have nothing to do...I agreed. We rent a room in Olympic Hotel near Stadium Merdeka. After we checked in and brought in our luggage..we went to Cineleisure to watch movie. Aman suggested to watch 2 films. We watched Street FIghter and Watchmen.

Our breakfast at Olympic hotel

Both are sucks by our definition. A very easy defeat of Vega, Balrog and Bison. Very lack of fighting unlike the trailer proudly advertised. Watchmen??My god!! I bet the mom with 5 kids in there was utterly disappointed. THe sexual content is very inappropriate for a superhero movie who mostly being admired by kids.

Tried to be a model in the room, before we checked out

Candid shot while we had our lunch

The next day, we checked out...we went to Pertama COmplex and Maju Junction for window shopping and browsing eyewears. After that we went to Red BoX Sogo for Karaoke. It's been a while. Just want to enjoy a bit..I still managed to not abandon my prayer. Big mall, the surau is on the lowerground near the parking. WTF. Redbox is at 8th floor. I really felt lazy to go down at first I admit. But I managed to get rid of the devil's whisper.

Right after that we went straight home..It was a really nice time hanging out with fellow boys...ehehe!!