I'm in the middle of refurbishing, customizing, upgrading, post-processing or whatever word should fit a process of making something that looks always the same to something a bit different.

Well, you can see the toon-banner thingy for now..I'll design something nicer after this. I have to delete all the widgets before I upload the template because I kept on getting blog-error and when I track the word, someone advised to delete all the widgets first before uploading the template. And it works.

So now, I don't have anything for my sidebar widget...Please bear with it for a while yah guys..Fortunately I've subscribed as a follower for most of your blogs. Some, I even subscribed anonymously so U guys won't notice that I'm one of your follower=p.


Ok..lots to write. But I'm gonna share something funny yet pissy at the sametime at the gents room just now when I was squatting and waiting for the moment of pleasure when there's kinda tumult outside between the cleaners and some guys from PTPTN.

"Betul takde ke makcik?"
"yee takde..mmg makcik masuk takde?"
"ko nampak tak cho?" while asking his friend who got into the room earlier
"takde...aku baru je masuk mmg takde"

The situation becomes a bit worse when another cleaner came in. THey felt they were accused for the loss of the thing that has been left inside of the gents room during their cleaning duty.

"betul takde ek makcik??tgok kat plastik sampah tu"
"takde rezeki la tu" a friend of the victim trying to comfort him
"apa sebenarnya yg hilang??", one of the cleaner asked
"sy tersalah buang..duit dlm kotak rokok kosong"
"berapa ringgit?"

BaBI!!!! Wa tengah pujuk my poo kuar dari perut weh..korang memekak bikin kecoh kat luar..siap mengeluh kesah macam hilang IPhone. Dhla salah sendiri..last2 5 HENGGET je setaaannnn!!! Aku rasa nk hulur je 5 hengget bagi..Anak ayam pakcik seman betol la.

THe gents room has become their port of smoking everyday. They smoke everyday ramai2..then makin noise, disturbing others n sometimes they occupy some of the toilets when they didn't even do their 'business'. Kecoh la lu orang!!!