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Oww...stucked at the office. It's really dark outside..Not sure whether it's raining or not, heavily or starting to cease down. Like usual, I'm gonna ask for a lift from Ayman yg baik lagi kacaks..hehehe!!

Remember I shared in the previous entry that I won first place for the CNY calligraphy contest held by my management? Hehehe..I won RM50 Jusco voucher for that fake art..wahahaha!! I spent it for a tumbler (I got another small one for free) - Rm29.50 and crocodile socks - Rm12.90. Huhu!! I still have RM10 voucher left..yeaaaa!!!

Hmm..I'm a bit unlucky today. I went to the printing shop to fetch my printed pictures. It costs me RM58. I handed the woman Rm100 and I got RM2 for the change. Well, being as clumsy as I am..I forgot that I actually gave her RM100. Maybe because during that moment, my mind was on the pictures. I only realized it when I've already arrived at the office.

I called the lady and she said she did remember she handed me only RM2m but she didn't really notice that I gave her RM100. They need to wait till the end of today's business so they could print a receipt for the whole day's transaction. N if I lucky, the balance is RM40 more than it supposed to..I might get the chance to have my remaining balance..huuu.