Oh...I wear my pink shirt from the engagement gift today. Ehehehe..

Yes!! It's already Thursday...One more day n it's another weekend to be spent. Another 3-day off!! I've already have some plans for the weekend. Potluck in Putrajaya on Saturday evening and might be giving a visit to my friend's newly born son after that. I hope it's not going to rain that day.

Sunday..now. This is a bit difficult. I have 5 plans;
1. FRIM photocontest. Adesh asked me to have fun here together..
2. Photomama first outing organize by Saiful Nang at TTDI.
3. My friend's wedding at Sabak Bernam
4. Photography outing at Batu Caves, Thaipusam festival.
5. Sepak Takraw league at Sepang

OMG!!! The only event I could easily scratch is the 3rd one because the next weekend, I can still come for the groom's side. THe rest of them...I sooo want to be there. Hmm...how ah?? Aiyaa..if the places are a bit near from each other, I might have the chance to attend all. Hmm Hmm..

Apology in advance to any of my friends, Adesh, Omar n Hasnor. Because all three of the events are photography related, I can't choose any!! I think I'm gonna go for sepak takraw la. The reason is because I haven't play it for a while because of the rain. Em SOrryy....