My dad is hereee and I'm worried!!

My dad came by yesterday all the way from sabak bernam by his modenas 110 bike. He was keep on nagging about visiting his old friend from his old days being a lorry driver in KL. A burmese who was claimed to be his best friend at that time. I'm not sure whether this guy is still working there or not. No phone number to reach him. But with abah naive thinking, we couldn't stop his intention. So yesterday he arrived at my sis' college.

Like usual, he would stopped any girl he met (girl is easier to ask for help based on him), and asked her a favour to call my sister (He doesn't have a cellphone and doesn't know how to operate it). I bet he had already wandered around the campus asking if anyone knows my sister. Like my sister is the most popular person in the campus. The trick is acceptable when he was looking for us when we were still in our primary or secondary school cause not to brag, but our names are well-known and almost everyone knew us that time, especially the teachers.

Then my sis called me around 1 p.m saying that dad wanted to come over to my place with a usual phrase 'malu dowh..abah tnya sume org kenal aku ke tak'...ahahaha!!! After zuhur abah went to where I am used to playing sepak takraw. He said he could only remember till there. So, I waited for him there.

He just took a nap when we reached my place. Sian abah. But he always like that. His olden days driving the lorry around KL always kicking inside his head. Everytime we drove through KL area he would say, 'Oh there's no flyover when I worked before', 'Oh, I know this road..I used to drive around here', 'ahhh..the road in KL is so bigg..I want to know them'. Guess, in a certain extent..we can only agree if he wants to come by sometimes. SO glad my housemates are OK with the idea of abah hanging 1-2 nights at our place.

This morning he suddenly came up with an idea. To just use his bike, and ride together to my office. He would leave me here while he rides around KL waiting for my hours ended. Well, I just agreed with him. But after half of the journey to my office, the sense kicked in me. Damn!! Dad is not really familiar with KL. I don't think he could find his way back to my office. I don't even think he could manage his direction to PUdu from here. Arrrrr..

Now I'm worried!!!!....I've told him if he lost his way, just get back to my place. Huuu..I really hope he's OK..U know, KL and the crime rate. Wrong person to be asked, everything would turn ugly...