I'm relieved

I skipped my lunch today because at 2.30p.m my colleagues and I went to HQ to settle our own things. I wanted to deposit some money to my bank of marriage fund..=p. I was still worrying about my dad. The sky seems to get darker and windier. Poor dad if he caught in the rain.

After we had a light lunch, we headed back Right after we emerged from the parking building, my colleague said, "nul, your dad". I though he was joking. Then I saw my dad sitting on the divider just near the building. Hahaha!! I wanted to laugh but at the same time felt so sad looking at him.

He said he went to Pusat Bandar Damansara to have his lunch at Ali Maju. Ali is our neighbour before he moved to KL. But he didn't manage to meet Ali. THen he said he just parked his bike by the flyover because he couldn't park around my building. He said "There were guards". Hehe..at least he knows how not to get lost in KL by just being around my area. And he might have his lesson to come by only when his children are not working..kiki

Now he's resting in the prayroom. I parked the bike and asked him to wait for me around the lobby. Just around an hour before my office hour ended. Hehe..so, now I feel relieved. Kiki!!