generousity and the current world

p/s : Masy..daku tak dpt view blog kamu sejak ada entri bogel tu..ahahaha..25.7 kali aku refresh.

Last night, I thought is the night promised by my fellow ex-streamyx guys to gather at our friend's house, bringing some food each person. So, after my usual evening play, I hurriedly went to the bathroom and get ready.

I didn't manage to buy any food for it, so I bought 10pcs of Roti canai from the mamak restaurant before I go. After I bought them, I texted my friend.

"Have U guys rallied yet?"
"Lor??Aren't they going to gather tomorrow night??"
"What the..??But if I'm not mistaken semah texted me saying it's 'malam jumaat'"
"Nope..tomorrow night..Just called her"

Danggg!!! So I just made a turn back to my house and served the roti canai to the monsters. But most of my housemates have already had their dinner. Hehehe..Unplanned generousity.

Ahhh...when we ate the roti canai, the topic of lending my RM100 to that so-needy person came up. THen one of my housemate said "Ahhh, I think it's the same person kot. I read your blog. What u wrote is exactly the same". Damn...Huuu..definitely a scam. But, nevermind..I still sincerely helped him in case he really is in need.

What the fcuk!! If I am the kind that can proudly hit or bludgeon someone, the next time I bumped into this person..I would kick his ass and drag him to the police station. But because I'm not that kind of person..I will just smile sarcastically if I ever see him again.

This is the type of person who caused the real person in need in trouble being mocked, laughed and scolded when they try to seek help. I really pray you would get a slice of ur karma..