Cina raya limau saya punyaaa...

Yesterday we had a special CNY team lunch at Oriental Spoon, Sooka bulding next to KL Sentral. First time being there. The you all should know were served one by one. We ate the cham cha?? I forgot the name..the one where everyone use their chopstik and started to mix the food ramai2..

Then the other food were served..butter prawns, popia, steamed fish and many more with the dessert for the finishing, syrup with jelly or lengkong in javanese..hehe.

The lunch started at 10 a.m and ended at 2 p.m. While everyone were so sleepy because of the meal, another event was going to begin. Another CNY celebration in the office with orange peeling and eating and calligraphy competitions.

I took part in the calligraphy competition after I didn't manage to enter the orange peeling n eating competition because I was performing my prayer when they started the event..damn. But you know what??I won first prize for the calligraphy competition for the non-chinese category...ahahaha!!! See the to the hand!!! I'm gonna get busy for my project review...shhhhhh.

p/s:gambar aku amik dr kamera kawan aku..dia tk bawak lak gambar ari ni..damnnn