A bad n A good thing

Hmm...the printing shop called me this morning and a surge of gleeful feelings rushing through me when the voice on the other end of the line said that it's true there's RM40 balance after they printed out yesterday's transactions receipt. Nice..

I thought they could bank in the money into my account, but she said they can't do that. Well, the shop is quite far from my office, plus the scorching sun..need to skip my lunch coz I need to go there during my lunch. It's kinda pain in the ass if I went there for the sake of RM40 alone.

The girl said I can claim their service worth of RM40 the next time I went there. So, shouldn't be a problem. I've already told her I might going there for printing after my wedding job early next month. Hmm..RM40 is saved!!

However....sighhh..There's no transaction of RM100 being banked into my account till now. It seems that indian guy is just a con-artist. Hmm..OK..nevermind. It's between U and HIM. I sincerely try to help someone who seems to be needing a hand. Loosing RM100 to a bad guy like that..yet I still happy about it...=]