Adorables and innocents - 7th edition

m Huuu...I have to browse everyone of the changes made in the system today. At least making me busy and felt like really contributing..ekeke!!

Alright time for Adorables and Innocents edition!!

This time, it's just a collection of those gorgeous soothing faces that I've managed to collect for the past 2 weeks..Well, U can't really call it a collection..'what I have' suits better than collection I think..ekeke.

These are Ika and her lil sis Aleya. I bumped into them at Jusco Equine when I was going to spend my voucher. Hehehe!! You guys still remember Ika right??

This is ALeya...One day when she's big enough, she will want to follow her dad playing sepak takraw in the evening. That time, I can play with her..hehehehe

Habib Danial, my niece's first son. He was not feeling really well. He caught a fever. Expressionless..Poor Habib. Maybe one day he would be the new Habib Jewels...

Hehehe..Hakim. He was doing his business when I took this picture. Well now you guys know how my jamban looks...kiki

Hehe..Wonderful kids, funny moments..I couldn't have enough of them. This saturday, I participate in a photo marathon held by FMDC. Any of my readers joining??We can meet there!!

You guys can see the reminders on my sidebar??I've put it in bold and pink colour for the 8th march potluck event at Ulu Yam..Kindly let me know if you want to join. Last minute joining is more than welcomed!!

-EDITED- Korang nk beli barang2 yg besh pada harga yg besh.??Member aku organize weekend bazaar hujung minggu ni kat Kelana Jaya area stadium tu..aku tgok list brg2 mcm besh..kalau korg ada masa tak wat pape..sila la ke sana. Utk keterangan lnjut..layari