Adorables and innocents - 6th edition and Iklan


Hi..good morning everyone...Stop for a while doing your chores, your tedious never ending documents needing your attention, complicated calculation or etc. Lets give your eyes some therapy of it sort. No greenery because of your desk location which is far from the window or you guys work in the middle of the concrete jungle? Now is the time to have a picnic!!

Join us for a refreshing air, away from those honking, cursing and beelining of the cars on the black crowded roads. The chilling clear water, the fast stream, the sounds of the flowing and rushing water, the chirping birds, the laughters and the serenity..Join us for a small picnic/potluck at Ulu Yam this coming 8th March!!!! Let's the bond in the blogging world a reality. Virtual friends to real friends..Meet the charming yet shy me and my partner the everyoung masy...ehehe!!! Come come!!


It's the 6th edition of Adorables and Innocents! This entry special appearance - Yusuf Mateen (Yusuf the strongwill). It's the first child of my friend, Anwar who was born on 3rd February 09. Anwar who just recently broke his left ankle in an accident still managed to accompanied his wife for the delivery. Look at Yusuf's calming face..

I gave him a visit with Zaffar and his parents (refer to 5th edition of Adorables and Innocents). We chatted for a while while snapping photos of them.

Mom needs to do something..let daddy feeds you..

Nyummy...I'm gonna sleep after this

Do we look alike??

Resting in a complete peace

See my small hand??I'm gonna conquer the world with it one day!!

May Yusuf be the sunshine that will lighten up every days ahead in your life Anwar. Bear with the cries in the middle of the night. The lack of sleep, the sleepy head while online from home working..hopefully it would worth every seconds of it.

To those who wanna join the outing this 8th, drop a comment here..or in the CBox or just text me a message to those who have my number.