Adorables and innocents - 4th edition

The Adorables and innocents entry is here!! This time special gem - Hasanah!! Hasanah is one of my cousin. She is the youngest daughter of my aunt and my uncle. Among her siblings, she's the only one who is so aloof and hardly to be approached. The others. My auntie could simply leaved them at my mom's house and asked us to look after them while she went to the orchard helping my uncle..

This is a shot on our way to Terengganu for my engagement. SO sweet with her veil.

This one is when she was eating my engagement cake. Huhu!!

It was raining a bit that morning. Her mom was sleeping and I just grab her while she struggled to loose herself from me and started screaming. To make her stop, I let the raindrops from the ceiling fell on her hands. SHe liked it. I think every kid likes it. But after a while we went in.

When I was surfing the internet, I realized she wasn't in the house. I went out and there she was. Playing with the raindrops. I didn't stop her, but took her picture instead while gigling myself out..ekekeke!!

This is her pose everytime we ask her to look at the camera and smile. Ahahaha..she looks like daisy duck!!

After satisfied shooting her. I called my mom. My mom was like "siannya dia abang". But I just giggled so hard. Mom bathed her. "Acik didn't bring a spare pampers you know".

After bath, she ran inside getting her mom. My auntie was startled. "Ya Allah..where's her pampers" and looked at me. I just giggled. "jahatnya abang Nul ni".

After let her wear my siss clothes when she was a baby, she went to sleep. Hasanah can't sleep without music..ahaha!! Usually my auntie will put a selawat nasyid on her cellphone. But sometimes Aspalela is still OK. The moment the song stopped she will awoke..ahahaha!!! SO, that day, Apek might lost his voice due to 45 rounds singing aspalela.

CLap clap to Hasanah!!!!