Wet mobilephone

Riding my bike slowly along Putrajaya-KL highway (not that I purposedly ride slow..but it was the fastest speed Benaffey could go) right after illegally crossed the divider (I do this every morning to go to the office. It's the shortest way) making my mind effortlessly drifted back into old memories.

This morning, it drifted back to my last intercollege sepak takraw game. Everytime the memory paid it's visit..I felt so want to go back to the past and fix the memory to a better one. But if I could actually do that..another person from the memory might want to do the same.

The point was 14 to 20. Just one more point to get my team win the first match. However, out of luck or just a meer stupidity, we loss that match...oooo my Allah!! Ahahaha..If the opponent striked us with servis kuda, I could still bare with the loss. But the serve is just a simple one...yet after sorry sorry sorry..tau tau it's already a loss for my team..Huu..bakka!!

Oh..here is the picture of the building next to us that has just been bombed by the israeli's fighter jet...ohh..no no!!! simpang malaikat 44. This is what has been going on for the past 2 weeks. It looks like a warzone isn't it??

I was soaked wet yesterday. I texted my friend to make sure the weather was ok there (Place where I play sepak takraw everyday). Usually it would be bright and sunny there but here in KL, it was raining heavily. So when my friend said the weather was OK, I redah je. THe rain was already stopped at my place. At the same time Mum was asking if Cembam still wants the baju kurung because mom didn't really admire kain batik dia..

I was holding my phone while riding, then suddenly heavy rain..arrrr...I put my phone in the raincoat pocket..tp basah jugak..It went dead and when I reached the court, I called Cembam to confirm..then called my mom to proceed buying it. The keypad was not functioning.

So last night I dried my phone using my housemate's hairdryer...CUakk!! I dont wanna buy a new one..but this morning she's good as new...=p