Last sunday I went to another one of my best friend's wedding in Sabak Bernam. He was my roommate when we were in our matriculation era and still seeing each other now and then especially during Hari Raya.

Well, he's starting to get bald. His hair has become thinner and thinner fewer and fewer everytime I meet him..Ehhehhe..hopefully marriage will stabilize his hormon and makes his hair grows longer..ahahaha!!!

To read more and browse more pictures of them, click here. NOt that many pictures coz I just managed to save few of them last night. SO sleepy. My eyelids felt so heaaavyyy.

We have a problem here in the office. HUge or not, it depends on each individual's definition. There's a construction going on next to our building. THey are in a phase of crushing and demolishing the rubbles and the remains of the previous building.

Well, it sounds sooo like in Gaza. Sometimes it sounds like 42mm-callibre is shooting out in the sky...I wonder if this is how the pitiful palestinians feel everyday. Terrified every seconds of their life on their own soil. Yesterday when my colleague distributed mandarin oranges for everyone, I imagine that it was something like war supply...I am quite an imaginer?? (ada ke perkataan ni?).

I'm not really affected by this kind of sounds pollution though. Don't give a damn on it. No problemo..but most of them are so irritated...and some couldn't even do their normal work properly.